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“Home Grown Talent is insightful, funny and touching, boasting two likeable leads, a lovely romance with some seriously sexy steamy moments” (Desert Isle Keeper)

All About Romance

“Home Grown Talent delivers on all counts.” (5+ stars)

Mirrigold: Mutterings & Musings

“Joanna Chambers and Sally Malcolm are a fabulous writing team and their second novel together just confirmed it. “Home Grown Talent” was impressive and sweetly sexy, and now I cannot wait to read the third book: I’m already highly invested in the next leads’ very antagonistic journey to romance.”

Iz, Goodreads reviewer

High-heat, workplace romance, fake dating, brother’s ex, friends-to-lovers and a HEA – Home Grown Talent is a beautiful story that has you rooting for the underdog.” (5 stars)

Jennifer, Goodreads reviewer

“The story, as expected from these two mavens of the genre, was a cracker.”

Expendable Mudge

Total Creative Control is a captivating read and I blew through it two sittings. Featuring two complex, superbly characterised protagonists, and a small but equally well-written supporting cast, it’s full of humour, witty banter, delicious sexual tension and a multitude of feels – and I loved it. ” (Desert Isle Keeper)

All About Romance

“I cannot praise this book highly enough. I adore the work of both authors when they write separately, but together they’re producing something magical.”

Mirrigold: Mutterings & Musings

“Utterly gorgeous and immersive… Total Creative Control is sunshine plus grumpy at its finest… I absolutely loved this novel and those last chapters kind of live rent free in my head now. I’m not kidding: they gave me goosebumps and left my heart literally soaring.” (5 stars)

Iz, Goodreads reviewer

Latest audiobooks

A Gathering Storm narrated by Simon Goldhill – details and links on the Audiobooks page. Simon will also be narrating The Creative Types series.

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Lysander Winterbourne is just a spoiled aristocrat so far as industrialist Adam Freeman is concerned. But when Lysander is given the task of introducing Adam to society,  Adam will learn – over the course of one eventful and entertaining day – that there’s more to Lysander Winterbourne than meets the eye…

Coming up

Next up will be the third and final book in the Creative Types series, written with Sally Malcolm plus an audio of book one, Total Creative Control, narrated by the amazing Simon Goldhill.

The next book in the Enlightenment series will be George Asquith’s book, Liberated. I’m hoping to also get that out in 2023.

I’m also planning to rerelease my first published novel soon. This was originally published with Carina Press as The Lady’s Secret (awful title, I know. Not my choice). It will be updated and rereleased as the second book in the Unmasked series with the new title of Unbuttoned.

Latest news and musings

Why the pen is sometimes mightier than the keyboard

I’ve written quite a few books now, and while my writing process will probably always be evolving to some extent, some things are fundamental. For me, one of those things is advance planning. I write better – and more happily – when I outline and plan in detail. I need to get, not just the…

Preorder form for UK Meet

If you’re going to the UK Meet in Southampton in September, I’ve got a pre-order form set up for books. I should say that I’m not actually planning on carrying many books as I’m getting the train from Scotland but in case there’s anyone out there who is going who has a burning desire for a signed…

Dropping imminently…

The revised edition of Unforgivable (now the first book in a new series called Unmasked) will be out in the next couple of days and this is the absolutely amazing new cover by the fabulous Natasha Snow. I’m really looking forward to sharing the cover for the second book in the series, Unbuttoned, which the…

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