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“It’s a labor of love watching Perry and Jonny fall in love.” (Desert Isle Keeper review)

All About Romance

“I finished the book in a day and wanted to start it all over again the moment I was done.” (5 stars)

The Novel Approach

“If you’re looking for a warm hug in book form, this is it.” (5 stars)

Mirrigold: Mutterings & Musings

“An absolutely delightful and thoroughly satisfying opposites attract romance, between two wonderful men who desperately need to find love … I just eat up Joanna Chambers’ beautifully written, and fascinating, historicals. The ambiance she creates in this series is especially lovely..” (5 stars)

Trio, Amazon Reviewer

” More please!!!! Loved both Perry and Jonny. Though I wish I could have Perry for myself” (5 stars)

Ultra Meital Reviews

“They’re two of the most likeable heroes I have encountered in a while. This book is a gift to my heart. Loved it.” (5 stars)

W Floyd, Amazon reviewer

“Reading Restored was like a balm to the soul.  It’s a beautiful – and beautifully written – story of love, forgiveness and second chances…”

All About Romance

“This book fulfilled every single thing I could possibly ask for, or want, in a romance”

The Novel Approach

“Utter perfection”

Mirrigold: Mutterings & Musings

“Loved. Brilliant. Happy making. Break your heart and put it back together.”

Kim Licki, Amazon reviewer

“This book was EVERYTHING.”

Ultra Meital Reviews

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The Capital Wolves duet – details and links on the Audiobooks page.

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Lysander Winterbourne is just a spoiled aristocrat so far as industrialist Adam Freeman is concerned. But when Lysander is given the task of introducing Adam to society,  Adam will learn – over the course of one eventful and entertaining day – that there’s more to Lysander Winterbourne than meets the eye…

Coming up

My next book will be a co-authored project with Sally Malcolm called Total Creative Control which should be out in October 2021. It’s a contemporary angsty romcom!

Once that’s out, it’s back to the Enlightenment series for two final books, one focusing on Jake Sharp and Simon Reid, and the final book on George Asquith and his (as yet unnamed) love interest. I like the idea of there being 7 books in the series, and also rounding off with a book that takes romanticism as its inspiration, almost as a counterpoint to the enlightenment idea the series began with.

I also plan to work on reissuing my first novel which I acquired the rights back to from Carina Press last year. This will require a wee bit of editing on the timeline as I’m going to be linking the story to Unforgivable and then adding a third new book about secondary characters from the first two books. That trilogy will become the Masked series.

Latest news and musings

Coming very soon: Total Creative Control

I have a new book coming out very soon – 28th October 2021! It’s a co-authored book, written with my good friend, Sally Malcolm, who is a really awesome, wonderful writer. Cover and blurb below. I’m really excited to share this one! Sunshine PA, meet Grumpy Boss… When fanfic writer Aaron Page landed a temp… More

Update on the Gentleman Wolf audiobook

A quick update to confirm that the Gentleman Wolf audiobook is now available on Audible if that’s your preferred audiobook vendor. Master Wolf is currently in quality control and should also be available on Audible within a few days. You can find the buy links for all vendors here.

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