Mr. Winterbourne’s Christmas

Mr. Winterbourne’s Christmas

Winterbourne series, book 2

When Lysander Winterbourne and his lover, Adam Freeman, visit Lysander’s family over Christmas, they are forced to confront their feelings for one another and decide what kind of future they want.

This is the second story in the Winterbourne series. Together with book 1, it tells the story of Lysander Winterbourne and Adam Freeman.

Lysander Winterbourne and Adam Freeman have been living happily at Edgeley Park for the last eighteen months. By day Lysander is Adam’s estate manager, by night, his lover, but neither man has spoken of their deeper feelings. Is this a happy-ever-after or just a convenient arrangement?

When the two men are invited to Winterbourne Abbey for a family Christmas, matters quickly come to a head. Snowed in at the Abbey with a house full of guests, they have to face up to shocking revelations, long-held secrets and a choice Lysander never expected to have to make…