Unmasked series, book 1

Five years after being abandoned at a remote estate by her new husband, Rose Davenport hunts him down in London to demand her due. But when he doesn’t even recognise her, Rose embarks on a reckless course of action.

After a traumatic illness robs her of her looks, Rose Davenport has little expectation of making a good marriage—until her feckless father, Miles, unexpectedly brokers a dazzling match for her with Gilbert Truman, the oldest son of the Earl of Stanhope.

Unbeknownst to Rose, however, Gil is no willing bridegroom, and after their disastrous honeymoon, he abandons Rose at his remote Northumberland estate while he returns to London, and the carefree life of a single gentleman.

Five years pass before Rose, tired of her life as an exile, decides to confront her philandering husband at a masked ball. But when the masks come off, Rose finds herself in a quandary. 

Gil does not recognise her.

And for the first time since their wedding day, he desires her…