Master Wolf

Master Wolf

Capital Wolves series, book 2

When Drew Nicol returns to Edinburgh after a decades-long absence, he discovers that Lindsay Somerville, the man who made him a werewolf, has taken drastic steps to sever the bond between them.

Books one and two in the Capital Wolves series tell the story of Lindsay Somerville and Drew Nicol and must be read in order.

He must master the wolf within…

Edinburgh, 1820. Thirty years after leaving Scotland, Drew Nicol is forced to return when the skeleton of a monster is found. The skeleton is evidence of werewolves—evidence that Marguerite de Carcassonne, the leader of Drew’s pack, is determined to suppress. 

Marguerite insists that Drew accompany her to Edinburgh. There they will try to acquire the skeleton while searching for wolf-hunters—wolf hunters who may be holding one of their pack prisoner.

But Drew has reason to be wary about returning to Edinburgh—Lindsay Somerville now lives there. 

Lindsay who taught Drew about desire and obsession. 

Lindsay who Drew has never been able to forgive for turning him. 

Lindsay who vowed to stay away from Drew twelve years ago… and who has since taken drastic steps to sever the bond between them. 

Marguerite’s plan will throw Drew and Lindsay together again—and into a deadly confrontation with Lindsay’s enemy, Duncan MacCormaic. They will be tested to their limits and forced to confront both their past mistakes and their true feelings. 

But it may be too late for them to repair the damage of the past. The consequences of Lindsay’s choices are catching up with him, and he’s just about out of time…