Mr Winterbourne’s Christmas…coming sooooon

It’s so close… coming November 19th*

Lysander Winterbourne and Adam Freeman have been living happily at Edgeley Park for the last eighteen months. By day Lysander is Adam’s estate manager, by night, his lover, but neither man has spoken of their deeper feelings. Is this a happy-ever-after or just a convenient arrangement?

When the two men are invited to Winterbourne Abbey for a family Christmas, matters quickly come to a head. Snowed in at the Abbey with a house full of guests, they have to face up to shocking revelations, long-held secrets and a choice Lysander never expected to have to make…

*(Apologies that the first version of this post mistakenly said the release date was the 15th…)




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Winterbourne and wolves


Hellloooo friends!

I’m celebrating a great few writing weeks with a lovely pic of Richard Armitage in North and South. Why? Well, he is my muse for Adam Freeman from Introducing Mr. Winterbourne and I am, right now, writing A Winterbourne Christmas which will be out this year!

This comes after me recently completing the first draft of  book one in my new historical werewolves series which I’m super-excited about – the Winterbourne holiday book is a fun palate cleanser before I go back to the wolves WIP for my first ‘layering-in’ revision (is ma process…)

I’m having a LOT of fun with this Winterbourne story, gleefully mining my favourite Regency romance tropes and elements, in particular the house party. I have lots of interesting guests: Arabella Cavendish will be back, along with her hunky brother Perry, Lysander’s sister Gwen, a sexy debauched older aristocrat, a mysterious Italian gentleman and Miss Greenhill, the prim companion of Lysander’s eccentric great aunt Maud.

Snippet, anyone?

This is pre house party:

Adam woke to the unmistakable sound of a cup of tea being stirred, the domestic tinkle of a silver teaspoon against porcelain.

Yawning, he stretched and opened his eyes. Lysander was standing at the window, naked, his slim, strong body beautiful in the weak winter sunlight. In his hands he held a cup and saucer. Fine eggshell porcelain decorated with delicate pink roses, absurdly dainty in his capable, masculine hands.

Lysander hadn’t yet noticed that Adam had woken up. He was gazing out at the grounds of Edgeley Park, his expression peaceful, a small smile playing about his lips.

“Aren’t you cold?” Adam said sleepily.

Lysander turned, his small smile growing into a bigger one, happiness in his blue eyes to find his lover had awoken.

Was there anything better than that? Being looked at like that, by the person you were in love with?

In love! Him, Adam Freeman!

“Oh, you know me,” Lysander said, setting the cup and saucer down on a side table before pacing back to the bed. “I’m on the hot-blooded side.”

Adam reached for him as he drew near, pulling him down to land heavily on Adam, making Lysander laugh when Adam gave an unexpected ooof!

“Hot-blooded you may be,” Adam agreed, when he had his breath back, “but your skin’s like ice. Let me warm you, beautiful boy.”

Lysander chuckled happily. “Boy,” he scoffed.

“Always my boy.”


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Mid 2018 report


I’m writing this post in case anyone out there is wondering what the hell I’m doing 😀

2017 was a busy year for me. I put out quite a few new books (Enemies Like You, A Gathering Storm and – written 2017 but released early 2018 – Tribute Act).  I also reissued all 6 of my Samhain titles with new covers and put out audio versions of the Enlightenment trilogy.

This year? Nada.


Am I close to releasing anything?

Um, no.

Am I writing?

YES. Not as much or as diligently as I would wish, but yes, I am writing. I am working on a project I’m in love with and I have other things I want to work on too. I am hopeful I will release *something* this year, but I’ll have to see how it goes.

I look back on the last 7 years, and I marvel at how hard I drove myself that whole time.  10 novels and a handful of a novellas and all while working my job and raising two boys. For most of that time, I worked to agreed deadlines on book after book. There was always something I *had* to do writing-wise. But this year, for the first time in a long, long time, I’ve had no firm and fast deadlines. No writing commitments. No obligations.

And I’ve just sort-of… breathed.

So, that’s where I am. I *am* writing still. There *will* be more books. But I’m not sure exactly when…


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Autism awareness month… and a giveaway


The fabulous RJ Scott has organised a blog hop with a bunch of great giveaways for autism awareness month. See details of my giveaway below, and check out the many other participating authors here.

Autism fact: People from all nationalities and cultural, religious and social backgrounds can be autistic, although it appears to affect more men than women.

I’ve been a bit disenchanted with social media lately, and have been on a hiatus. But the truth is, I do like a lot of stuff about social media, and it’s people like RJ Scott who draw me back. RJ is one my favourite people to follow on Facebook. She’s open and authentic and she shares so much of her life with her online friends. Not just reading and writing stuff, but her whole life, including her son, Matt – Matt happens to be autistic, and also funny and smart and kind.I feel like I’ve learned so much about autism over the last few years, thanks to RJ and Matt. And that’s the good side of social media. 🙂

Giveaway: comment here to win a copy of my latest release Introducing Mr. Winterbourne*

*(re-release of a novella that previously appeared in the Another Place in Time anthology).



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Where I am

This post has been brewing for a wee while.

Over the last few months – since maybe November 2017 – I’ve written no more than a couple of thousand words and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

Is this writer’s block? Well, I wouldn’t call it that as such. I certainly don’t have any lack of ideas – it’s more that I have no appetite to move those ideas forward. I’ve never felt such complete apathy towards putting words on the page. In fact, this post is probably the most words I’ve written in one evening in a long, long time.

Has this issue arisen out of recent events in the genre? The Santino Hassell and Riptide debacles? Well, inasmuch as the issue predates those events, no. However, I must admit, those events have shaken me. Thanks to my utter crapness at networking and social media, I was pretty oblivious to how toxic things were in the genre till all this started coming out. Now that I do know, it’s thrown up some questions I need to give some thought to.

So, what does this actually mean, going forward?

Writing-wise, it means I’m giving myself permission to not try to write. I don’t know when I’ll start again (I hope it’s when, not if). Now that I’ve taken the immediate pressure off myself, maybe I’ll even start tomorrow. That would be lovely (but I’m not holding my breath).

So far as the Riptide situation is concerned, readers may have seen a number of authors reporting getting their rights back and choosing to self publish those works. In all honesty, I would have liked to do that with my two Riptide titles but I can’t. This is because they are part of a Riptide-owned universe and Riptide’s position is that they are not giving rights back on titles in universes they own. That means my choice is to take the books out of publication altogether or leave them where they are. I’m going with the second option.

As for social media, I’m going on a hiatus. I’ve been on one for the last few days and will just pop on briefly now to link this post before taking a complete break from the two platforms I use – Facebook and Twitter – for the rest of this month. My provisional plan is to return in April, depending on how things go. I would like to think that, by then, my writing mojo might be back, because the thought of not having  writing in my life makes me very sad indeed. But I’ll have to see. Fingers crossed, a couple of weeks of a break will make a difference.

Finally, and with some regret, I’ve decided not to attend the UK Meet in September. This has been playing on my mind for a while. I don’t know why, but making an irreversible decision not to go lifted a weight off me. I’m not sure why, Maybe if I knew the answer to that, I’d know the answer to all the other questions I have.

In closing – can I just say that I am fine. I am very, very fine. Nobody needs to commiserate with me or worry for me. Writing is my hobby, not my job. I have a RL job. I also have other great stuff in my life. The truth is, I LOVE writing and when it’s going well it makes me really happy – but it’s not my everything. So although this post is a bit downbeat, it really is all okay 🙂

And you know what? I feel better for writing this. Somehow making this ‘official’ is a massive relief. And yeah, I’ll probably come crawling back in a couple of weeks with my tail between my legs feeling a bit embarrassed about making such a big deal about things. But that’s okay. I’m giving myself permission to do that too ❤

Take care, everyone.

Joanna x




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On hiatus

Going on hiatus for a while.

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I don’t normally formally announce winners to competitions or giveaways but someone was asking me where the winner of the Tribute Act blog tour was announced, hence this post.

The winner of the blog tour giveaway (copy of the book and $25  gift card) was James Escol. For completeness, I should also advise that the winner of a separate giveaway on this blog was Wendy Loveridge. Thanks to everyone who entered and commented.

I’d be interested to know if recipients of my newsletter would like to see winners of newsletter giveaways being announced here in interests of transparency. I don’t usually bother posting such announcements, only contacting winners to pass on prizes, however, I’m happy to do so if there is wish to see this. You can either comment here or via the Contact page to let me know if you have a view on this.


Joanna x


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Tribute Act out 15th January 2018

Leave a comment to win a copy of my new release, Tribute Act, out tomorrow! I’ll pick a winner 16th January 2018 🙂




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Quick PSA

In January 2018, I will be migrating a number of my books (the Enlightenment series, Unforgivable and Merry & Bright) from Pronoun, which is closing, to Draft2Digital. These titles may be unavailable for a few days whilst this process takes place. Apologies for any inconvenience and happy reading meantime!



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Awesome Christmas Historical Sale

updated hist sale

I’m taking part in an awesome Christmas sale event 🙂

This is going to be right up the alley of anyone who loves LGBTQ historical romance: fourteen authors with favourite books on sale for the next two weeks. Follow the posts to learn about the books and their settings and read tantalising excerpts, then visit the links to pick up a great read for half-price or less from December 12 – 24. You’ll find details of these bargains and where to find them at the end of this post.

I decided to feature Unnatural in the event, a standalone novel that is set in the Enlightenment world. Normally $3.99, it’s going to be $1.99 during this event.


I wrote this book because I wanted to continue to write about the ideas that run through the main Enlightenment trilogy which were generally around Enlightenment-style thinking i.e. the rejection of long-held ideas based on superstition, tradition etc. in favour of ideas based on measured, observed reality. In the main trilogy, David and Murdo (eventually) throw off their old ideas about themselves and society and take up new ideas based on the experiences they have together and of each other. It wasn’t an idea I was ready to let go of when I got to end of Enlightened, so, in Unnatural, I developed the idea a little further by making one of my characters, James, a scientist and naturalist whose whole outlook on life is shaped by his observations of the natural world…


When he got to the end of the garden, his dancing slippers were soaked from the wet grass, but he didn’t care, just leaned on the fence and looked out over the little manmade lake his grandfather had created fifty years before, James’s favourite place on the whole estate.

He wasn’t sure how long he stood there, just looking out over the water, or when he became aware of the presence of others nearby. At first all he heard was a low chuckle of laughter, then the murmur of voices—two at least, or were there three? However many there were, the voices were male, the husky laughter they shared, low and intimate—and growing nearer. James didn’t want to see anyone, talk to anyone. He stepped back into the shadow of one of the willows that ringed the lake, hiding himself, and waited for the owners of those voices to materialise, searching his shadowy surroundings with his keen scientist’s gaze.

They emerged at last from a clump of trees twenty yards away, two figures, walking side by side. Their shirts blazed white in the darkness making James frown with puzzlement till they drew nearer and he realised they’d been swimming. The wet linen clung to their torsos, and both of them carried some bundled-up clothing under their arms.

It was Iain. Iain and, of all people, Mellick, one of the grooms. Laughing together—like equals.

James realised they were going to pass the willow he stood under. He stepped back, even further into the shadows, moving slowly and carefully so as to make no noise, obscuring himself behind the solid arching trunk of the old tree.

They didn’t notice him, just walked on, still murmuring to each other, chuckling softly now and then.

After a little while, James realised where they were going—they were making for the boathouse, growing more careful as they drew closer to the ramshackle building, both of them looking around several times before, one after the other, they entered, and the door closed behind them.

From his place in the shadows, James felt as though his breath had got stuck in his throat. Only when the two men were out of sight behind that closed door did he manage to gasp a breath. He knew what this was, or he thought he did, and now he was feeling too many things all at once. Curiosity and excitement, and anger too, that Iain had wanted this more than he wanted to be with James tonight.

But of course, this was different.

He’d suspected as soon as he’d caught that first glimpse of them emerging from the trees, heard the soft, intimate music of their voices. James might have no experience himself, but he’d heard about men who indulged in…unnatural desires. Men who did the very things that he spent hours in his bed at night trying to imagine while he stroked his aching prick.

He would never have thought that Iain would want this, though. Iain, who was so manly and vigorous. Iain, who was the most bruising horseman James knew, who could bowl anyone out at cricket. Iain, who could run faster, climb higher, swim more strongly than anyone.

Without consciously deciding to do it, James found himself walking slowly towards the boathouse, his steps carefully silent. He knew these paths like the back of his hand, had been walking them since he was a tiny boy collecting tadpoles in spring, and he made no sound as he approached the wooden structure that housed the rowing boats for the lake.

Silently, he drew closer to the single, small window. A faint glow from within told him they’d lit a candle, a reckless decision since, even standing a couple of paces back from the glass, James could make out the two men inside as they came together.

They put their arms around each other so that they stood chest to chest, and then their lips were meeting—

They were kissing each other…


Now discover a new author. Find a new book to read. Click on the “website” links to read the authors’ posts:



Alex Beecroft

The Reluctant Berserker

Era: Early Medieval/Dark Ages Saxon

Amazon  All Other Formats  $0.99c/99p

Website | Amazon author page | Facebook | Twitter



JP Kenwood

February and December (Dominus Calendar Series I)

Era: Imperial Rome

Amazon Worldwide $0.99/.99p

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Archive of our Own



Summer Devon and Bonnie Dee

Simon and the Christmas Spirit (Victorian Holiday Hearts series)

Era: Victorian

Amazon | Smashwords | Kobo | B&N | iTunes $0.99

Website | BD Facebook | SD Facebook | BD Twitter | SD Twitter



Christina E. Pilz

Fagin’s Boy: The Further Particulars of a Parish Boy’s Progress

Era: Victorian

Amazon | Kobo | Apple | Smashwords $0.99

Website | Twitter | Tumblr | Pinterest | Facebook



Anne Barwell

On Wings of Song

Era: WWI – 1920

Dreamspinner  $2.50

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Brita Addams

Beloved Unmasked

Era: Early 20th Century New Orleans

Dreamspinner | Amazon  $3.00

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Silvia Violet

Revolutionary Temptation

Era: American Revolution

Amazon Global | iBooks | Kobo | BN $2.99
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Deanna Wadsworth


Era: pre-Civil War Key West, Florida

Dreamspinner $.89c Dec.19 only

Amazon | Google | Google Play | Nook | Kobo | iTunes $2.99

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Joanna Chambers


Era: Regency

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Michael Jensen

Man & Monster

Era: 1799, America

Amazon $1.99

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Wendy Rathbone

Ganymede: Abducted by the Gods

Era: Bronze Age, fantasy, alternate myth

Amazon $2.99
Website | Facebook | Newsletter (get a free copy of “Letters to an Android”)



Charlene Newcomb
Men of the Cross (Battle Scars I)

Era:  Medieval – 12th century

Amazon $0.99c/99p

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Ruby Moone


Era: Regency

Amazon | JMS Books $2.99

Website | Twitter | Facebook



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