A winner, and a thank you (I’m talking to you, Susan Lee!)








Congratulations, Liv Rancourt, winner of the blog tour prize of all 3 books in the Enlightenment trilogy and a $10 ARe gift certificate, courtesy of the wonderful, supportive and all round fantastic Susan Lee of Boys In Our Books.

Thank you, Susan! Your support and enthusiasm for this series has been amazing and infectious. I am so glad to have gotten to know you over these last months – looking forward to meeting you soon. You are an awesome force for good in the world!

Joanna x

Stop 1 on my compact and bijou Enlightened blog tour


Heavens to Betsy! Is it 4th May already?

The third and final book, Enlightened, in my Enlightenment trilogy releases on Tuesday 6th May!

The luvverly Susan Lee has organised a small but perfectly formed blog tour to mark the occasion and the first stop is The Blogger Girls, where you can:

– read a lovely review by Heather C;

– read my take on Scottish romanceand

– be entered to win all 3 books and a gift card!

So many good things!

Imminent release….

Oh, good lord! Beguiled comes out in one week (Christmas Eve!) and really – is it really upon me? Already?

It’s been an extraordinarily busy few months for lots of reasons, one of which has been that I have been busily writing the final book in this trilogy. I can confirm (at least) that Enlightened has been submitted on time and will release as scheduled in May next year. And yes, it is a final book. No false endings.

At some point I’d like to blog about some of the thoughts and ideas that have driven this series, but now probably isn’t the time.

I will, however, do a Beguiled giveaway later this week!

What’s next?

This. July 2013.


Lowborn David Lauriston lacks the family connections needed to rise in Edinburgh’s privileged legal world. Worse, his latest case—defending powerless weavers accused of treason—has brought him under suspicion of harbouring radical sympathies.

Troubled by his sexuality, tormented by memories of a man he once platonically loved, David lives a largely celibate life—until a rare sexual encounter with a compelling stranger turns his world on its head.

 Cynical and worldly, Lord Murdo Balfour is more at home in hedonistic London than dingy, repressed Edinburgh. Unlike David, he intends to eventually marry while continuing to enjoy the company of men whenever he pleases. Yet sex with David is different. It’s personal, intimate, and instead of extinguishing his desire, it only leaves him hungry for more.

As David searches for the government spy who betrayed the weavers,  he begins to suspect that his mysterious  lover has more sinister reasons for his presence in Edinburgh. The truth could leave his heart broken… and more necks stretching on the gallows.

Ooooooh! New book!!

Yes! Release day for Unforgivable, book of my heart, is almost upon me! Tomorrow, 15th January by lovely Samhain Publishing!  Tres exciting, mes chums!


I’ve already had lovely reviews from Joyfully Reviewed and Night Owl Reviews. What’s more, Dear Author has (both excitingly and slightly nerve-wrackingly) indicated it’s a recommended read for January – but I won’t see the review till tomorrow.  *bites nails*.

What else?  Oh yes, I have blog posts and giveaways lined up at Novel Thoughts tomorrow, at Smexybooks 16th Jan and at Book Binge at some point next week hopefully (details to follow).

And FINALLY, I am also giving away a copy here, tomorrow.  Please leave a comment for a chance to win.  Go on, it’s free!

My next release!

I now have a cover for my next release, Unforgivable, due out from Samhain Publishing in January 2013. The blurb’s not official yet.

Five years ago, Gil Truman was blackmailed into marrying plain, sickly Rose Davenport. As soon as their hasty wedding was over he took her to his remote estate in the North of England and left her there, hoping never to see her again.

Rose is no longer the shy, homely girl Gil married. She wants her notorious philanderer of a husband to return to the marriage bed. When she confronts Gil at a masked ball and he fails to recognise her, Rose gives into temptation and lets him think she is what she seems—a beautiful stranger. But during their passionate night together, Rose learns the truth of why Gil married her and uncovers a past full of old wounds and lies.

Is it possible for Rose and Gil to overcome their blighted history? Or are some mistakes simply…unforgivable?

My news


I thought I’d do a post on what’s happening with me on the writing front.

I completed my second novel months ago, but it’s only very recently been accepted by–I’m delighted to say–Samhain so it won’t be published till January 2013.

I’m so pleased to be publishing this novel, which I’ve been working on, on and off, for several years.  I won’t say much about it here except to say, it’s another case of me giving myself a mountain to climb!  I knew, when I wrote The Lady’s Secret, that I was asking for trouble in writing a heroine pretending to be a man.  It seemed to me, in the months leading up to its publication, that I kept reading reviews of books with cross-dressing heroines with credibility issues!  Well, with this new novel I’ve done it again–this time I’m dealing with another well-known romance genre element with built-in credibility issues – the heroine whose husband doesn’t recognise her… 

I’ve not been idle since finishing that novel.  In fact, my writing productivity has gone up a lot since I cut back severely on my online time. 

My main project at the moment is a M/M historical sent in my home city in 1820.  I’m very excited about it.  I originally conceived it as M/F book but I could never get it to work as M/F in the sense of covering the ground I wanted to cover.  I struggled to place a female character in the places I wanted her to be in a way that was sufficiently credible. Since I had my Eureka moment and made it an M/M, all has been going well…

I also have a M/F paranormal book (contemp setting) which is currently sitting at 25k and which I think has real mileage in it.  I’ll go back to it at some point but that’s been lying waiting for my attention for a few months now.

In addition to these novel-length WIPs, I have a few shorter WIPs in the works with plans to try and produce a a couple of novella/short story length works each year–possibly not all under the same name.  One of these drafts is a novella devoted to two characters from The Lady’s Secret.  One is Lily. 

Can you guess the other?

Given all of the above, while it may be a bit uneventful for me in 2012 in terms of another book actually coming out, but I’ve got lots on and feeling very motivated!