More vote begging and racking my brains for a bribe!


I didn’t realise round 2 was starting so soon! Yes, it’s DABWAHA time again, and I’m at my in-laws for the weekend and trying to blog-beg via a tiny phone keyboard that is NOT CO-OPERATING with me!  Argh

The bad news is that Provoked is up against the AWESOME Captive Prince, so I’ll be getting that early bath now… The good news is that Provoked is up against the AWESOME Captive Prince, so I don’t have to feel too bad about it!

Also, C S Pacat is shaming me with awesome social media savvy into at least trying to come up with another bribe. So here goes:

I was reading in someone’s review of Beguiled recently (book 2) that they wondered what Murdo had gotten up to during his two years in London away from David. And there have also been a few wishes expressed for Murdo’s POV.

So, if I get through this round of Dabwaha, I WILL write short story in Murdo’s POV during the two year break AND it will feature the dashing Captain from Beguiled along.

Now, if you would be so kind as to vote?

DABWAHA (and shameless vote-begging) begins!!


Voting begins in Dabwaha tomorrow!! It is very exciting. Provoked is up against against Broken Trails by D Jordan Redhawk (which sounds scarily awesome and has great reviews – I am adding it to the TBR pile which I should not really admit to…)

I have been somewhat lacking in my Dabwaha efforts this week (thanks to RL pressures) but I DID make a commitment on Facebook to making another bit of wondrous pastichery** happen if I have… well, ANY success with any of the rounds.

** see here and here – except this time round, I’m thinking about exploring other romance genres…

So, vote for me!

And while you’re there, why not vote for K J Charles, whose Magpie Lord is bloody brilliant?

New release crimbo giveaway


I am very excited about the release of Beguiled on 24th December. Perhaps I am particularly excited because I have literally just finished and submitted the third and final book in this series, so I’m at the point of saying goodbye to David and Murdo, something I feel both happy and sad about.

Anyway, in anticipation of release day, I will be doing a giveaway! Hurray!

Two prizes are on offer: first prize is a copy of Beguiled and a $20 Amazon gift token, and second prize is a copy of Beguiled. I will also throw in a copy of Provoked if either of my randomly selected winners haven’t already read book 1 in the series.

Leave a comment to enter. I will randomly select the winners at 5pm GMT Saturday 21st December (which means you could get your hands on a copy of Beguiled a whole three days before it releases…)

Best o’ luck, m’lovely friends! Please tweet/ pass on etc.

Provoked is out!


I am still on holiday in Spain but Provoked releases today!  (Check it out here or at any of the other places-to-buy on the Buy Links page of this site).

This is my first series and it has a romance arc that stretches over three books (be warned…)  The trilogy is set in 1820s urban Scotland and is the story of David Lauriston, a lawyer from a humble background and Murdo Balfour, an anglified Scottish peer.

This first instalment – when David and Murdo meet – takes place in 1820 against the backdrop of a recent radical uprising whose instigators David defended in court.  Book 2, Beguiled (which releases in December) takes place two years later during King George’s visit to Edinburgh and book 3, Enlightened (May 2014) concludes their story.

In celebration of this momentous (for me) occasion, I am giving away a copy of Provoked and an Amazon voucher for $25 to a lucky winner!  Just leave a comment to be entered.

The winner will be announced on my return on 28th July.

Best of luck.