Paperback giveaway

Paperback giveaway!

Thanks you for all the amazing comments – winners have been contacted and will be announced in my next newsletter

These are some of the paperbacks that are in my ‘overflow’ drawer (there are duplicates in the drawer and some other paperbacks in the loft but I really can’t be bothered to go up there…) I need to make room – and I’ve got no in-person events coming up! – so I’m doing a giveaway. See deets below!

Prize: Three winners can choose one of the paperbacks shown in the photo, signed by me, with a message of your choice.

To enter: just leave a comment saying what paperback you want and why (“just because” will be accepted as a valid reason).

This contest is available to all, wherever you may be in the world. I’ll choose a winner on 6th June 2022, 12pm GMT.

Winners will be announced here and also in my next newsletter.

Good luck!


62 thoughts on “Paperback giveaway

  1. Well… “Just because” is tempting, as anything of yours which I’ve had the pleasure of reading has been rewarding. So nice when I end a book with a sigh, a smile and a toe curl. As for which book, I must borrow a word from the great actress Beatrice Lillie (a fellow Canadian I’ve discovered!) as Mrs. Meers and holler: “Pook!” as the book I yearn for (Can one yearn for a book?) does not appear in the above picture but it DOES appear in the e-mail (so, pretty please?): The Labours of Lord Perry Cavendish. Yes, I admit it! Blushing, I tell you I have not got a copy yet for one reason or another (Maybe the Universe knew this opportunity was coming up?) And if I do succeed in this, it, of course, means I must reread the series (This will be what… third time?) so it is a win-win.
    Mind you… I have not started the Total Creative Control series. Tempting, tempting… But if I’m to gain a Joanna Chambers signed copy, I’d like it to be 100% pure you (unless you’re game to hunt down Sally Malcolm (whom I do love as well and, now, now don’t let’s be asking whom I prefer best) to get her signature as well!) But, if I am pipped at the post for Labours, please consider me for a copy of Total Creative Control and, sigh, I appreciate the difficulties of logistics to get both signatures so I’ll happily settle for your autograph and a cherry “bon mot”. Thanks.


  2. Whatever book I would have the good luck to get from you! Because I don’t have any of your books in paperback, so each and any one would be great. =:))


  3. It’s so hard to choose between the first three Enlightenment novels, I have read them so many times. I will have to go with Enlightened though, because I just love the relationship between David and Murdo in that one so much and they get their happy ending.


  4. Enlightened, because it’s the book I’ve reread the most over that last few years! Trust me, I keep a running list of all the books I read! And also because as much as I love reading on my phone/kindle I miss having a book in my hand to read and I’m trying to buy more paperbacks. Thank you!


  5. Gentleman Wolf! It’s the duology I come back to over and over again. Although Provoked is a CLOSE second, I love that series so much!


  6. Really, anything would be wonderful but if you want me to pick one I’m going to say Total Creative Control because you co-wrote it with Sally Malcolm and I love books by both of you. ❤


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