Free reads

You can read Kit Redford’s Christmas prequel bonus scene (December, 2017) here.



Enemies With Benefits is a free prequel. Links below.

UK alternate link:
Google Play:












Seasons Pass is part of the Enlightenment Series. It’s a short story and, unlike the three full-length books in the series, it’s told from Murdo Balfour’s point of view – this is the only glimpse into Murdo’s head readers get!

It’s April 1822 and two years have passed since Lord Murdo Balfour was last in Edinburgh; two years since he met low-born lawyer, David Lauriston. Back then, Lauriston’s naïve idealism and self-loathing provoked Murdo’s scorn, yet Murdo has not been able to forget him.

When Murdo is asked by his father to return to Edinburgh for the King’s forthcoming Scottish visit, his memories of his last time in the city are stirred up again. Frustrated by his inability to forget Lauriston, he decides to seek refuge in an anonymous encounter at Kit Redford’s discreet establishment. But will Murdo find the oblivion he seeks at Kit’s, or something else entirely?  All other stores



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