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31 responses to “Contact

  1. Jess

    Hi Joanna,
    I am a fan and wanted to join your newsletter. However, when I put in my info and email, I got a message that said, to verify I must click on the link sent to my email. I NEVER got a link sent to my email. I tried 3 times.
    I am looking forward to the short from Murdo and many exciting post from your newsletter.

  2. Hi Jess – so sorry about that! I think (hope) that’s fixed. But if not, please let me know your email address and I’ll add you manually. Best, Joanna

  3. Sandra

    I never was much of a reader of love stories. Due to your “Enlightment-Trilogy” now I am 🙂 Thank you so much for these woderful hours of reading! ❤
    Hugs from Switzerland 😉

  4. Dwight Jackson

    Dear Ms. Chambers,
    Thank you for your wonderful books. I greatly admire your writing skills and anxiously await new additions to your novels set in the Regency period.
    You and Josh Landon are the best of the best authors in this genre.
    Thank you again for providing such superior entertainment.
    Dwight Jackson

  5. Hi, when will I be able to pre-order A Gathering Storm on Amazon? – |Love your books!

  6. liz nwosu

    I just read the dream alchemist. I was wondering if there will ever be a book two or should I just go on with my life? 😁

    • Hi Liz – I do plan to write this follow up and have the story planned out… but it won’t be out for a while I’m afraid. Late 2018 would be my best guess. Unfortunately issues outwith my control meant it had to be put on a backburner – those issues have now been cleared up and I’m good to go but present commitments and deadlines mean it’s a wee bit down the queue. So, yes, go on with your life meantime, but I do intend to put this out! 😀

  7. Ariana

    Please please make your books available for sale again. I am desperate to read The Enlightenment series! Is there any hope they will be on sale again soon?

    • Hi Ariana – they will be out again very soon! I’m finalising new covers and getting the files formatted just now. Unfortunately I’m juggling a lot of deadlines just now (not all writing related) now but I hope to have the main series up for sale again in the next couple of weeks. Best, Joanna

      • Ariana

        That sounds great! I can think I will be able to contain myself that long! 🙂 I have a strong affiliation to Scotland and know Edinburgh pretty well, so when I found your series I was intrigued! It sounds amazing! Thank you for answering that fast!

  8. No worries! Thank you for your interest – I hope you enjoy when they’re up again!

  9. Dewayne

    Just have to say, you wrote my favorite line in any romance novel ever. “He’s not the love of my life, you idiot! You are!”

  10. Will the Enlightenment Series be made available in print at some point, or are you just sticking with the digital releases?

  11. Hi where can i get a copy of seasons pass please luv the enlightenment series

    • Thanks Annette! I replied to you on FB too but in case you missed it – you can find the various sales outlet links on the BUY LINKS page of this site.

      Since you mentioned in the other comment you wanted this for Kindle I’ve also pasted the link below.

  12. Kate Marshall

    Any update as to when Unforgiveable is likely to be released? I have just started to read the Enlightenment series and even not too far in to reading Provoked it is refreshing to find an author with such a knowledge of both Edinburgh and the Scottish legal profession. I am a Scottish solicitor and resident in Edinburgh and I find that even English authors do not know that in the Scottish system the lawyer with rights to appear in court is an advocate rather than a barrister or even the difference between an advocate and a solicitor.
    Kate Marshall

    • Thanks Kate – Unforgivable should be out in the next week or so – new cover just being finalised 🙂

      Hope you enjoy the Enlightenment books



      • Kate Marshall

        I have finished Provoked and have started Beguiled. Your knowledge of Scots Law is astonishing. Your mention of Stairs Institutions in the first paragraph astounded me. Also your knowledge is Edinburgh’s geography is a refreshing change. I tend not to read HR set in Scotland as the romanticised view of brawny highlanders that seems to be the standard format just annoys me. I am therefore delighted to find a series which is grounded in reality in relation to the facts and circumstances surrounding the fictional characters. I note your acknowledgement of John Prebble’s book on the Kings visit. He of course wrote a fantastic account of the Battle of Culloden the site of which I visited only last week.

  13. Kate Marshall

    I have now finished the Enlightenment series and also Rest and Be Thankful which I also really enjoyed. I think I have worked out why you have such a great knowledge of Scots Law and Edinburgh/Scotland and I was probably a bit dense not realising this earlier. My brain has probably gone to mush since I retired but I think your use of “stoop” rather than “doorstep” probably threw me initially. Anyway I am looking forward to reading more from you and hope you manage to set a few more in Scotland.

    • Thank you, Kate! I am so pleased you enjoyed my stories. As for that Anglicism, I think I just like the word stoop 🙂

      My next big project is set in Edinburgh – but it involves werewolves. Not sure if that meets with your reading tastes? They are Scottish werewolves though, one (once) a covenanter, another an architect of the new town. I am very excited about it!

      Warmest, Joanna

  14. Maria Ana

    I really would like to read the Unforgivable book but cannot find it anywhere. I am not a fan of ebook and I still prefer to read the book itself. Do you know where I can find one?

    • Hi Maria Ana – thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, it’s not currently available in paperback – I self-published it as an ebook when my old publisher closed. There’s a bit of extra cost involved in getting it made available in paperback so doing that isn’t my highest priority but I hope to sort that out at some point 🙂

  15. Anonymous

    I signed up for the newsletter and confirmed it via eMail. I was then sent a message with a download for a novella. Before I could do anything the system advised me that the eMail no longer exists. A puzzle. Thanks

    • Hi – that sounds a bit odd – did you manage to collect your copy of the novella? You should receive another two welcome newsletters over the next few days – I’d be interested to hear if they arrive with you. Apologies for any inconvenience. Joanna

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