Coming up

Next up for me:

In January 2018, Tribute Act will be coming out, my second novel in Riptide’s Porthkennack series. This one is a contemporary set story about abandonment and forgiveness. It’s available for preorder here.  More details here.

I’m currently working on two projects: another Enlightenment story, featuring Kit Redford, ex-prostitute and owner of Redford’s Club (which features in both Seasons Pass and Unnatural). Kit’s comfortable life is thrown into disarray when former lover Henry, the Duke of Avesbury, arrives on the scene. My hope is to have this project out Spring 2018.

The second, bigger project is my “historical werewolves” project which is a pair of books set in 18th and 19th century Scotland respectively. I really hope to have book 1 out by Autumn 2018 but we’ll see as I’m not entirely sure what route I’m going to take publishing-wise with these books.



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