Christmas gift giveaway

Christmas gift giveaway, December 2021

Edited 17th Dec – the winner is Anabela M!

Edited 15th Dec to add: my newsletter said I’d pick a winner on 14th Dec but this website page has said 17th Dec since the contest went live. The reason for this is that I planned the newsletter to go out a few days earlier than it did and forgot to extend the date in the newsletter when I changed it here, doh! Since I’ve said here that I’ll leave the contest open till 17th, I’ll stick with that and choose a winner then. Apologies for any confusion! J

Prize: The winner gets their choice of any one of my books (ebook format) and a $10 USD (or equivalent) Amazon gift card.

To enter: just leave a Christmas-themed comment below. Simple!

This contest is available to all, wherever you may be in the world. I’ll choose a winner on 17th December, 12pm GMT.

Winners will be announced here and also in my next newsletter.

Good luck!


60 thoughts on “Christmas gift giveaway

  1. Best wishes for happy holidays to everyone!
    We just made our Christmas “fabulous fruitcakes” for the first time in several years. Our families will be happy!
    These are the GOOD fruitcakes, home-made with lots of good-tasting dried fruit. No nasty green-dyed candied cherries in them! If you don’t LOVE nibbling on it, don’t put it in your fruitcake!
    Love to all.

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    1. Thank you for having the contest!! I always love reading the other comments & as I said in the beginning, I already own all your bks to date (on kindle). I believe I may have some from before that but my room is a mess and I haven’t been thru all my books in quite a while. Either way, you have always left me with a smile! 😊 Possibly a blush (do I still blush?) I must go find that out! Like immediately. Thank you again!! It was lovely!!


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