This is my first ever anthology of my own stories 🙂

It features three festive stories which have all previously been published: Humbug, Mr Perfect’s Christmas and Rest and Be Thankful.




This is a charity anthology published by Less Than Three Press with proceeds going to Rainbow Railroad. My story is Lamb to the Slaughter:

There is very little Lucien enjoys more than the hunt of young men: beautiful, innocent, eager to learn all that a mature man like Lucien might be able to teach them…



This is another charity anthology organised by the lovely Susan Lee. All proceeds go to Lost-N-Found Youth.

Wish Come True is a collection of holiday-themed, NA contemporary stories. My contribution is Mr. Perfect’s Christmas and the other stories come courtesy of Kaje Harper, Megan Erickson, Anyta Sunday, Amy Jo Cousins, Keira Andrews and Suki Fleet.

Sam Warren’s new job hasn’t been going so well so the last thing he’s in the mood for is the obligatory office Christmas party, particularly since Nick Foster’s going to be there. Nick–the guy whose shoes Sam has been trying to fill–seems to take very opportunity to point out where Sam’s going wrong. But when Sam receives an unexpected Secret Santa gift at the party, he’s forced to question his assumptions about his rival. Could it be that he’s been misinterpreting Nick’s actions all along? And is it possible that his reluctant attraction to Nick is reciprocated?












Note: this is no longer available to purchase as an anthology, however, all stories are still available separately 

I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to this Christmas anthology by Josh Lanyon. Sharing author listings with not only Josh but also LB Gregg and Harper Fox is beyond awesome.

My story, called Rest and Be Thankful, is about Cam and Rob, warring neighbours, who are forced into close proximity when a blizzard strands Cam close to Rob’s home.

The other stories are Out by Harper, Waiting for Winter by LB and Baby It’s Cold by Josh.












This historical themed anthology is organised by Susan Lee of Boys in our Books. All proceeds go to and I’m in great company with other stories by Tamara Allen, K J Charles, Kaje Harper, Jordan L Hawk and Aleksander Voinov – all their stories are corkers!

My story is called Introducing Mr Winterbourne – blurb below. (Now also available as a self-published standalone novella – see Books page):

Lysander Winterbourne appears to lead a charmed life. Handsome, amiable, and a renowned sportsman, he is the darling of London society. As far as Adam Freeman is concerned though, Lysander is just another spoiled aristocrat.

A wealthy mill owner, Adam has no time for the frivolous world of the ton, but when his younger brother becomes engaged to Althea Winterbourne, he reluctantly agrees to be introduced to society–with the Winterbourne clan’s golden boy as his guide.

Resigning himself to a few days of boredom, Adam is surprised to learn that there is much more to Lysander than his perfect surface. But will Adam have the courage to introduce Lysander Winterbourne to his own secret self?


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