Gentleman Wolf and Master Wolf audio release – 7th December 2020

Here’s a taster of Hamish McKinlay’s awesome narration on Gentleman Wolf, the first book in the Capital Wolves series. I’m really excited to release these books in audio. Hamish has done an amazing job.

Sample from Gentleman Wolf

I’m releasing these audiobooks through Findaway Voices which means they will be available through 30+ vendors including Apple, Google Play (here and here) and Authors Direct.

I won’t, however, be releasing them through Audible at this time (if you want to know why, you can read about #Audiblegate here). I hope to be able to release them on Audible soon, but I want to see how things play out for the next few weeks. In any event, even if I had chosen to release them on Audible right now, chances are they would not have been available anyway. Reportedly there are currently long delays on new book projects being progressed at Audible…

I’ll give an update on this as soon as I possibly can, and hope it won’t cause difficulties for any of you meantime.

Finally, keep an eye out for my December newsletter which may include a chance to win freebie codes…

3 thoughts on “Gentleman Wolf and Master Wolf audio release – 7th December 2020

  1. Hamish sounds delicious, Joanna! I shall definitely be downloading both audio books as soon as they’re available and will use Authors Direct which I’ve found to be simple to use and very competitive, regarding price, with audible (so far).

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