News: upcoming audiobooks

Quick newsflash: I’m going to be bringing Gentleman Wolf and Master Wolf out as audiobooks, with Hamish McKinlay narrating. The hope is to have the both books out for Christmas – watch this space for more details.

Hamish did the narration on Provoked, Beguiled and Enlightened and my audiobook listeners seem to have loved his performances (I know I did) so I’m super-excited to hear what he does with them.

This was something of an impulsive decision, prompted mostly by getting a number of emails recently from audiobook fans asking for more. Audio is a long-term investment for me as it takes a while to make back the costs, but since Hamish was available, I decided to go for it.

Next up, though, is Restored, which will release on 28 October .


2 thoughts on “News: upcoming audiobooks

  1. Thank you so much Joanna for making the wolf books into audiobooks. And OMG to get Hamish McKinley is like the best gift ever. I’m not into paranormal romance but with your writing and Hamish narrating I’ll listen to it the minute it comes out. Please write more similar to the Enlightened series. I listen to it over and over. I try to read but it causes migraines if I read more than 20 minutes or more so I’m stuck with Audible books. Thank you again and I can’t wait for wolf/Hamish. One of your Big fans Diane Eppley.


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