In which I make a confession and an apology


I’ve been needing to post this update for a while.

When I published Gentleman Wolf in August last year, I said that the second book, to complete Lindsay and Drew’s story, would be published in January 2020. I believed that would give me more than enough time to complete the book – my draft was already well advanced at that stage and writing was going well.

And then, it all went to pot.

There were various things that contributed. Some were writing-related and some were real-world-related. I’m not going into all that in detail. Suffice to say, Master Wolf is going to be a wee bit later than I hoped. Not a lot, but yeah – a bit.

The book is now more or less finished (yay!) but I wasn’t in a position to even set up a slot with my wonderfully patient editors until a few days ago and I wanted to hold off posting this update till I could be clear as to what the likely publication date would be. Thankfully, my editors are able to pick this up early next month, but I still need to allow time to go through their edits, make all the necessary changes, finalise files etc.

In view of this, my new planned release date is 26th March 2020. I’ll be putting the book up for preorder in a few weeks and will reveal the (awesome) cover (once again by the amazing Felix D’Eon) shortly before then.

I’m really very sorry that I won’t manage to deliver Master Wolf when I originally said I would, but hopefully when it comes out, readers will feel it’s been worth the wait.


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