14 thoughts on “Current work in progress in three pictures

  1. I hardly read horror genre because all of the masters of werewolf stories are long gone, and whatever we have currently do not have the necessary skills of truly understanding the true nature of this beast. Having said that, if anyone can pull it off this time and truly make it their own, it IS Joanna Chambers. I have faith. Please do not disappoint me, Ms. Chambers.


      1. “Adam had been disappointed that they would be apart, for the second Christmas since they’d met. He’d been hoping Lysander would stay with him at Edgeley Park this year. Had been looking forward to
        “revisiting some of the traditions of his childhood with him—hunting out greenery and decorating his private sitting room with it, lighting the yule log, exchanging small gifts—but had reasoned that they could still enjoy at least some of these things before Lysander left.” – Mr Winterbourne’s Christmas by Joanna Chambers.

        Okay, it is a bit more than a sentence – half a paragraph more like it. I find it heart-breaking that both psychologically and emotionally, there is an imbalance between the two, and that Lysander and his family and their issues have overwhelmed Adam, and that his needs, his memories, his traditions, are being neglected. This semi-paragraph has demonstrated that there exists, at heart within Adam, a need to feed his child-soul. There is still a lost little boy in there, who probably had to grow up too fast, too responsible, and it just broke my heart into pieces. Frankly, I think Lysander may be hot and all, but he is a jerk. He just wants to have a dime-store romance, and have sex, and be taken care of, but that is all he can give to Adam. BTW, I go by Rick. I forgot to to fill in my name when posting the other 2 anonymous (?). Sorry about the rant. I do enjoy the Winterbourne stories immensely, but when I get to that semi-paragraph, I turn into an idiot and get pissed off with Lysander, and I am sad for Adam. There have been a couple of re-reads of this story where I avoided reading it, because it upsets me too much. Have a good day, Ms Chambers. You are still my favourite.


  2. I mean Adam did sort of have that experience with Lysander and his family, but with all traditions celebrated, traditions are celebrated differently in each house-hold. Some are subtle changes, others done with tongue firmly planted in cheek because traditions can be weird, maudlin, or boring.


    1. Well, I did ask, lol… Seriously though, I’m glad you connected with the book emotionally. I believe that readers bring a layer of their own to every book they read and every reader’s experience is unique and valid (and actually a creative act in itself).

      Thanks for the nice comments, and I hope my wolves work for you in due course, Richard!




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