Autism awareness month… and a giveaway


The fabulous RJ Scott has organised a blog hop with a bunch of great giveaways for autism awareness month. See details of my giveaway below, and check out the many other participating authors here.

Autism fact: People from all nationalities and cultural, religious and social backgrounds can be autistic, although it appears to affect more men than women.

I’ve been a bit disenchanted with social media lately, and have been on a hiatus. But the truth is, I do like a lot of stuff about social media, and it’s people like RJ Scott who draw me back. RJ is one my favourite people to follow on Facebook. She’s open and authentic and she shares so much of her life with her online friends. Not just reading and writing stuff, but her whole life, including her son, Matt – Matt happens to be autistic, and also funny and smart and kind.I feel like I’ve learned so much about autism over the last few years, thanks to RJ and Matt. And that’s the good side of social media. 🙂

Giveaway: comment here to win a copy of my latest release Introducing Mr. Winterbourne*

*(re-release of a novella that previously appeared in the Another Place in Time anthology).


20 thoughts on “Autism awareness month… and a giveaway

  1. I loved this short story in the Anthology, Joanna. I think you’ve done a wonderful job with the cover. Thank you for the chance!


  2. Please put me ‘in your giveaway hat’. How can I resist another of your lovely books 😊

    And what a lovely idea. I’ve had dealings with some beautiful ‘austistic’ children over my long career in childcare. One of my granddaughters, we suspect, is on the spectrum too. She’s a darling, lovely girl who has to be handled with much care and sensitivity.


  3. Thank you for participating in RJ’s Autism Awareness blog hop. As mother of an autistic son, I know how important it is to raise awareness. Every bit we learn more about the illness will, hopefully, get us to a cure someday.


  4. Great cause & I’m so happy to see one of my most favorite authors promoting it. I’m love/hate with SM too – although I love to keep up with romancelandia on it. The struggle is real.


  5. I’m pretty sure this is the only thing you’ve written in the m/m genre that I haven’t read, and I’m excited to read it. It’s good to see you back on here, btw. I hope the hiatus has been good for you.


    1. Congratulations, Adrian – you’re the winner of the giveaway 😊 I’m away from home just now but will contact you re sending your prize in a couple of days, if that’s ok. Best, Joanna


      1. Awesome!!! Thank you so much! Yes, that is perfectly fine. I look forward to reading it. Take care of yourself, Joanna. I love your work.


  6. I agree. Social media has been a good thing in my life, as without it I wouldn’t have found so many of the fantastic friends I have now, and it would be a lot harder to keep in touch with my family overseas. However, it has a very dark and negative side, which I try to stay far away from.


  7. Thank you for taking part in the hope and helping to spread awareness! Rj and Matt have definitely taught us all many things over the years and it’s very awesome of RJ to do the hop every year so more and more individuals can learn about autism and the effects it has on love ones and the individuals effected by the disorder.


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