Enlightened now out in audio


So, the final book in the trilogy is now out in audio – phew! That was quite an undertaking, so I’m on a pause before I put any more audiobooks out myself… though I’m about to sign with someone else to produce Unforgivable next year 🙂

Despite the fact – at the time of posting this – Enlightened in audio has already been out 3 days, ACX are yet to contact me to inform me of this or allow me to request my promo codes, which means I can’t do any giveaways or send out any review copies until I hear from them (and probably not till a week after that since you have to actively request the codes then wait for them to respond *sigh*). HOWEVER, once I hear from them I will be doing a grand giveaway of a full set of the audiobooks via my newsletter so do sign up – button on the left.

Joanna x

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