What I’ve been doing and what’s coming up


It has been an insanely busy first half of the year for me. In truth, I over-committed myself on the writing front, but it’s been fun and productive if somewhat stressful.

My stress levels were not helped by the closure of Samhain at the end of the February on fairly short notice and the realisation that a whole bunch of my books were going to disappear from sales outlets. Suddenly, as well as writing/reviewing/revising three books all at different stages, I had to arrange new covers and blurbs and get myself up the learning curve on the self-publishing skill front.

Thanks to lots of good advice from fellow authors, the fantastic cover-designing skills of Natasha Snow (see above) and the very easy to use Pronoun self publishing tool, I now have the whole Enlightenment series back up. Natasha is currently working on the cover for Unforgivable, my second M/F Regency romance (and my actual bestseller by a long way) and The Dream Alchemist should be available in the next week or two, with the same cover, which I purchased from Samhain.

And now that I’m au fait(ish) with self publishing there will be a few other pre-published stories to follow from anthologies I’ve contributed to.

I’m also working on getting books available as paperbacks through Createspace.

Most excitingly for me, though, is that Provoked will be coming out on audio – I’m hoping by August. More on that to follow!

One problem this leaves me with is that I have a bunch of first edition paperbacks of all the books above with their old Samhain covers. So, if you’re interested in acquiring a signed set, subscribe to my newsletter for an upcoming giveaway of a full set of all four novels

My next book release (in the can) will be another novel (contemporary this time) in the Porthkennack series.  I’m not sure when that will be out, but hopefully late summer/early autumn. I have a little Hallowe’en anthology contribution in October and there will be (I hope) a Christmas novella featuring characters I’ve written about before.

But it’s the next full length novel that’s on my mind now. I’ve been swithering over a few possibilities – for instance, I really do want to write the follow up to The Dream Alchemist as soon as possible. But I think it’s almost certain the next book will be the historical werewolves book that’s been playing on my mind for a long time now. I’m really excited about this project and right now I’m beginning my research phase in earnest – which is one of my favourite parts of the process. This is the point at which the clean white page beckons.

5 thoughts on “What I’ve been doing and what’s coming up

  1. Congratulations, Joanna! I love the new covers. I’m also looking forward to hearing Provoked in audio.The snippet I’ve heard is amazing… I’m eager for the next book in The Dream Alchemist, though the historical werewolves sounds scrumptious to me as well… So many good things on the way. Yay!


  2. The first time you mentioned “historical werewolves” I was all I WANT THAT, so it pleases me to no end to hear you’re in the research phase. Congrats on all the re-releases and the lovely new covers. Now…get writing, m’kay?


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