12 days of Christmas Stories Giveaway – Day 12

And so it is the final day of my 12 Days of Christmas Stories Giveaway – I feel quite sad!

Today, I’m not featuring any particular book, just giving you the chance to win whatever book you’d like: today’s prize is a $20 ARe voucher plus your choice of any eBook from my backlist.

Just tell me what book you’re absolutely burning to read right now – I have an ulterior motive of course – your comments will serve as inspiration when I come to add some books to my Kindle for the Christmas holidays (when I plan to read, read, read. Bliss!) They don’t have to be Christmas Stories, and they don’t have to be current releases, just something you really want to read. I look forward to reading your comments.

Oh, and Happy Holidays!


21 thoughts on “12 days of Christmas Stories Giveaway – Day 12

  1. To be honest the books I’m absolutely burning to read are not yet released (they’re namely: Playing with Fire by Avery Cockburn and A Gentleman’s Position by KJ Charles; both are continuation of a series) so I don’t think I’m much help there. Sorry. 😀


  2. Right now, Jordan L. Hawk’s “Maelstrom”. I’m always ready for a Whyborne & Griffin fix. Come 2 February, C.S. Pacat’s “Kings Rising”. I have many other books on my to-read shelf; however, I just discovered Queer as Folk (the show) this past summer and then stumbled on the associated fan fiction (had never read fan fiction previously). I’m having a really difficult time tearing myself away from all things QaF. If you’re at all interested in that fanfic, I strongly recommend “In Quest of Something” on Archive of Our Own.


  3. Oh, God, that’s a difficult question. I’m waiting for my paperback of Maelstrom, by Jordan L. Hawk, and also by my pre-ordered copy of A Seditious Affair by KJ Charles. Those two are my most desired ones right now… (And I’m also waiting for my print copy or With This Bling by L.B. Gregg… I think I can go on for a while with this…)
    Thank you for the great 12 days of Giveaways, Joanna. This was a lot of fun!


  4. I can’t wait for A Seditious Affair by KJ Charles.
    Before that was Sunset Park by Santino’s Hassell – I’ve purchased the paperback too because I think the series is amazing.


  5. I have A Forced Silence by Cate Ashwood on my ereader and i definitely look forward in reading it this weekend. I also want to read Against All Odds by Kris T Kat this weekend 🙂
    I’m looking forward to the releases of Full Domain by Kindle Alexander and Before Sundown by Lisa Worrall both in january

    Thank you for all these fun posts and giveaway’s and Happy Holiday’s to you and your loved ones 🙂


  6. I really want to read: My Hometown by SJD Peterson, Sunset Park (Five Boroughs) by
    Santino Hassell, and Professional Distance (Thorne and Dash Book 1) by Silvia Violet. Thank you for the fun days of giveaway chances!


  7. I can’t wait to read The High King’s Golden Tongue (ed. 2015) by Megan Derr. The only reason I haven’t is that the book is over 300 pages and right now I’m going through my final exams. I will pick it in the holidays.


  8. Well, present company excepted, even though I DO have Unnatural and Humbug in my library read to read and love, I’ve been saving up several of KJ Charles’ stories to just do a mighty binge. So I’m definitely looking forward to all her latest, as I haven’t even gotten to anything since Simon Feximal. I’ve also been holding back on Alexandr Voinov’s Nightingale, and it’s been something I’ve wanted to read for a while, so hopefully soon. The next one I’m really looking forward to is Laura Stone’s The Bones of You because I loved her Bitter Springs and want to read more from her.

    Thank you so much for sharing with us. It’s been a lot of fun reading your thoughts on books, some I didn’t even know about, and also having the chance at them. I hope the rest of your December is as merry as you’ve made ours!


  9. was waiting on Sunset Park by Santino. got it. read it. loved it. so waiting on Part & Parcel by Abigail roux and these 2016 releases: Midnight Taxi Tango – Daniel Jose Older, A Gathering of Shadows – Victoria Schwab, Tied to Trouble – Megan Erickson. so manyyyy


  10. I have been reading Leta Blake & Alice Griffiths “Will & Patrick Wake Up Married” series and the next one comes out in January. I cannot wait! The last one was so good and these guys are funny, sweet & hot!!!!


  11. I really want to read the rest of the Thirds series by Charlie Cochet, I’ve read the first two and loved them just haven’t got round to buying the rest 🙂


  12. Thanks for a really fun contest!

    I just bought Maelstrom by Jordan L Hawk and have been looking forward to reading it ever since I finished Hoarfrost.

    Happy Holidays!


  13. I’ve just started Maelstrom by Jordan L Hawk, which I’ve been anxiously waiting for, and now I’m wishing I had more time to sit down and read it but I have to work this weekend. After that, my most anticipated book is probably A Seditious Affair by KJ Charles. Thanks for the 12 Days of Christmas giveaways! Happy Holidays!


  14. More must-reads waiting on my virtual shelf: Sarah Madison’s “Truth and Consequences”; Harper Fox’s “Guardians of the Haunted Moor”; Keira Andrews’ “Valor on the Move”; Avon Gale’s “Breakaway” (new author to me but sounds promising); KJ Charles “The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal”; your “Unnatural”; Lyn Gala’s “Affiliations, Aliens and Other Profitable Pursuits”; Hurri Cosmo’s “A Place to Belong”; Melissa Graves’ “Bleeding Heart” (another new-to-me author); Vanessa North’s “Blueberry Boys”; Renae Kaye “Shawn’s Law”; Tere Michaels “Who Knows the Dark”; Brad Vance’s “Werewolves of Brooklyn”; Samantha Wayland’s “Home and Away” (another new author); Anna Zabo’s “Just Business”.


  15. Thank you for all the give aways!

    Sunset Park and Maelstrom are out so now I’m waiting for A Seditious Affair beyond that I’m not sure. 😀

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!


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