12 days of Christmas Stories Giveaway – Day 7

JOANNA - humbug-f-sml

Day 7 of my big 12 day giveaway features another of my stories, namely my own 2015 Christmas release, Humbug.

Humbug– you may not be terribly surprised to learn – is based on one of my favourite Christmas stories, A Christmas Carol.

Instead of Ebenezer Scrooge, I have a Quin Flint (skinflint, geddit?), a management consultant who specialises in advising businesses on downsizing (aka firing people).

Quin is … driven. He’s determined to progress in his career, and he doesn’t care who he steps on to get ahead. Until one day, his ball-busting boss, Marley Joseph, side-swiped by a sudden family bereavement, tells Quin not to make the same mistakes she’s made over the last twenty five years, confiscates his phone and orders him to take a day off.

Over the next day and night, Quin finds himself confronting his past, opening his eyes up to his present – including good-hearted colleague Rob Paget – and ponders what his future holds if he sticks to his current path.

But can Quin change his life around in just one day?

You can find the buy links here.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment below telling me what your favourite Scrooge-inspired movie or book is. The winner will be decided on 9th December at 8pm GMT.

Keep coming back for new giveaways every day till 12th December! 🙂


14 thoughts on “12 days of Christmas Stories Giveaway – Day 7

  1. Don’t count me in the giveaway, Joanna, as I already have read (and utterly loved) Humbug. My favourite Scrooge related film is The Muppet Christmas Carol… I can’t help it, I love the muppets! ❤


  2. A Muppet Christmas Carol. I just watched it the other day and it is still my favorite version. Reminds me of happier times when Kermit and Miss Piggy were still together 😉


  3. I love A Christmas Carol. My favorite version is not from a book or film but from a theater (musical). The first time i saw this version was in London when i was visiting with my friend and it was great, i loved it. Years later that same musical came to a town close to my hometown and i took my then boyfriend (now husband) and it was just as good as i remembered .

    Thanks for the giveaway chance 🙂


  4. Please don’t enter me in the giveaway as I just finished reading Humbug – great Christmas story! My favorite is the movie of A Christmas Carol starring George C. Scott. Have been watching it every Christmas Eve for years and years.


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