12 days of Christmas Stories Giveaway – Day 4


Day 4 of my 12 day giveaway extravaganza features the Christmas story I released last year, Rest and Be Thankful.

This one has a bit of a special place in my heart for various reasons. First and foremost, one of the MCs, Cam, is  quite like me in certain ways. Not that I’m a super-fit cyclist like he is, with a burning desire to live in the depths of the Scottish countryside, but  I am, like Cam, quite an independent soul who finds it difficult to admit when I need help from anyone.

Writing a character like that was quite…cathartic.

It’s also a little bit of a love letter to the Scottish countryside. Generally, I’m more of an urban creature. I love the city I live in very dearly, but sometimes I do like to get away to a nice, secluded little corner of the world where it’s ever so dark at night, and ever so quiet.

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment about your favourite little secluded corner of the world, whether it be in the country, the city, or maybe even between the pages of a book. The winner will be decided on 6th December 2015 at 8pm GMT.

In the meantime, keep popping back for move giveaways, m’dears. One every day from now till 12th December. 🙂


17 thoughts on “12 days of Christmas Stories Giveaway – Day 4

  1. My favourite little secluded corner of the world is my parents’ house garden. It’s surrounded by a fence of trees, it is in the countryside and has got plenty of trees and flowers, and a willow with soothing branches when I love to spend my summer afternoons reading/napping… Being able to spend the whole afternoon there is happiness for me!


  2. My Favorite Secluded place in the whole world is Sitges, Catalonia, Spain, You can find secluded beaches where you can get wrapped up in the arms of the man of your dreams (My Kindle), Here the soft waves of the beach and sip your favorite tipple. Complete Spanish Bliss.


  3. I’m lucky in that my favourite secluded place is my own terrace/patio outside my flat, with a wonderful view of a river estuary. The river changes all the time, and there is also a wonderful oak tree which is different every day. The terrace is south facing so is wonderful in the summer. I do love the Scottish countryside too; driving along the coasts and across from one side to the other was a special holiday! Oh, and now I’m thinking of Skye, and lovely secluded places there…


  4. I have to say my secluded space is more of a secluded me-time which happens when we are at my parents’ and my kid takes a nap. I stay in my old room and have a hour or two by myself to read.


  5. Morning Ms. Joanna~
    Gail Staggs here☆
    I guess my favorite place is the beach in winter. It’s cold and usually drizzling. But it’s wild and calming at the same time. To just listen to the wind on the shores and the constant crashing of the waves. To see the various colors of greys. From the slate of the sky to the green grey and foamy white of the surf. It’s all very elemental and cleansing. It regenerates and invigorates. It’s moody and joyous.


  6. The last time we went to Hawaii we went to a beach that you’d only find if someone told you how to get there. We walked around a corner and down about 50 feet and had miles of pristine beaches to ourselves, it was beautiful and so relaxing.


  7. My favourite secluded cornor of the world is my Aunt’s house deep in the country side in Lincolnshire it is so lovely and quiet and I love to walk the along country roads there.


  8. Going home is my escape, a safe place where I know I am always welcome. If I cannot go home, then I can escape into a book and let it transport me into the wonderful world created by the author. Although at school and college my special escape place was the library, where I could partake in my favourite pastime – reading 😀


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