12 days of Christmas Stories Giveaway – Day 1

26400212Woo hoo! So, it’s the first day of my 12 days of Christmas Stories Giveaway! I am so excited about this 🙂

I’ve got a bumper one to start with: not one, not two but seven Christmas stories!

Wish Come True is a charity anthology that was planned for release today but ended up releasing a day early yesterday . There are stories by Keira Andrews, Amy Jo Cousins, Megan Erickson, Anyta Sunday, Suki Fleet, Kaje Harper and… um, me!

I’ve not read anyone else’s stories yet so I’m anxious to start reading this one myself.

The proceeds of this anthology are going to Lost-N-Found Youth , an Atlanta-based nonprofit corporation whose mission is to take homeless lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youths to age 26 off the street and transition them into more permanent housing.

My contribution is called Mr Perfect’s Christmas and is the story of Sam Warren, a young lawyer who’s trying to find his way in a new and very different job. Everything – including his attraction to arch-rival Nick Foster – comes to a head at the office Christmas party. (Note: this is a heavily revised version of a story I previously released under the name Eva Clancy).

To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment about your dearest wish as of right now.

The winner will be decided on Thursday 3rd December at 8pm GMT.

Oh, and because this is a charity anthology, rest assured I’ll be purchasing the prize!

Make sure to pop back for more giveaways. I’ll have one every day from 1st-12th December 2015!


36 thoughts on “12 days of Christmas Stories Giveaway – Day 1

  1. My dearest wish is for my family to have a healthy, happy and safe Christmas and that there would be reconciliation between my brother and his eldest daughter.


  2. My dearest wish right now is for a nice a quiet holiday with my family… I’ve been overworking and I’m a bit stressed right now.
    Thank you for the giveaway, Joanna!


  3. Except for college I’ve always lived no more than an hour away from my parents and siblings. Seven years ago siblings started moving away from California. When my parents retired three years ago they moved away as well and then my last sibling moved. I now have siblings in Kansas, Alabama and Pennsylvania with my parents in Tennessee. My dearest wish would be for all of us to be together for Christmas whether it was in one of those states or back in California where I currently live. I miss my family.


  4. My dearest — selfish — wish is to one day be included in an anthology like this as one of the authors. On a less selfish note … I wish all LGBT people could feel happy and accepted this holiday season.


  5. I wish and hope the surgery on my leg has fixed the bone. I also wish that I can some how repay my family for everything they’ve done for me this past week.


  6. My dearest wish as of right now, having just got off the phone with my Dad, is that I don’t totally bollocks up Christmas Dinner this year.

    When I was a child, it was always my Dad that did Christmas Dinner (the only lunch of the year we were allowed to call dinner). And it was always turkey. And then ten years ago, I took over cooking duties on a bet with my Dad, and I’ve…just continued to do it every year, which has worked out quite nicely, as my Dad’s MS means that he’s less mobile and dexterous. We’ve never had to have the ‘maybe it’s not safe for you to do Christmas Dinner’ chat, because I took over before that really became an issue. But anyways, Dad wants venison this year, which I’ve never done before…eeeep.


  7. My most sincere wish is that my family and I have safe, fun, and healthy Christmas. There have been too many medical issues lately, we could use the break. Thank you for the chance!


  8. My dearest wish for today is to gather all the strenght I’ve got and go to the dentist and let him remove one of my wisdom teeth.


  9. I have lots of things that I could wish for, especially better health. But the thing that I want the most right now is to solve a family mystery for my Grandmother. I’m working on the family tree and we have a big hole for her dad before he met her mom.


  10. I was going to share a different wish but then San Bernadino happened a few hours ago and…well, perspective!
    My dearest wish is for all these mass murders to stop!


  11. That the world will wake up and realize that we are not the ones that should be judging. You do not k ow the circumstances unless you have walked in the other persons shoes.


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