What’s the buzz…?


It’s been a while since I released a book and suddenly it’s all happening! Last week I released Humbug and tomorrow (yikes, tomorrow!) it’s the turn of Unnatural.

Unnatural has basically been two-thirds of 2015 for me. I feel like I’ve lived with those characters for a long time (not quite as long as Murdo and David, to be sure, but still). And now, finally, I’m releasing them into the world…

Anyway, there have been reviews and blog things already and there’s more to come, so I’ve posted some links below. And also, there are giveaways in some of these places…and more giveaways to come!

Lovely reviews of Unnatural:

Recent fun Interviews and blogposts at:

And more to come at:

  • Sinfully on 24th Nov
  • Prism Book Alliance on 26th Nov
  • Joyfully Jay on 2nd Dec

I should also say that, if you entered my newsletter giveaways, I will be confirming the winners of the Humbug and Unnatural giveaways tomorrow.

EDITED TO ADD: The winners of the newsletter giveaways were Susana (Unnatural), Meital (Unnatural), Judy (Humbug) and Kathy (Wish Come True). Apologies that I’m not able to respond to each entrant individually and please note that there will be more opportunities to win copies of my books over the next couple of weeks!

And finally: I’ll be doing a big Twelve Days of Christmas Stories Giveaway in December, starting with my next release, the Wish Come True anthology, and featuring a heavenly host of very cool authors and their amazing Christmas stories. So stay tuned!


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