Lots of stuff happening …

JOANNA - humbug-f-sml

I’ve been very remiss when it comes to updating this blog with what’s coming up – mainly because I have been seriously up against it with deadlines on a constant basis for months now. However, all my work is coming to fruition now, and I’m finally getting organised, so…now would be a great time to subscribe to my newsletter. Seriously, do it. I’m writing it now and there will be multiple giveaways in it for my multiple releases!

Release the first: Humbug, on 19th November

Release the second: Unnatural, on 24th November

Release the third: Wish Come True, on 1st December

More details re all on the Coming Up and Books pages.

8 thoughts on “Lots of stuff happening …

  1. Hi, Joanna!

    Thanks for the link to your newsletter, for some reason I didn’t know you have one. o.O

    Anyway, I wanted to know if Humbug is for pre-order? I cannot find it but I just to be really sure. =) I don’t want to miss it. 😉

    I hope you are having a nice sunday!


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