An unexpected pleasure

So I came back from my week away and there was a note that the postman had left a parcel with my neighbour. Inside was this:


So I looked inside. There was a bookmark:


I was none the wiser. I flicked around the pages, checked the flyleaf and back copy…





Then I finally turned to the other flyleaf, and there it was:


 You see that? The top one: “Eva Clancy”

That’s me.

Now published in paperback in Japan.

4 thoughts on “An unexpected pleasure

  1. Congratulations, Joanna! That’s a beautiful book, by the way. I love books written in Japanese (I actually have three). If only I could read them! 😉


  2. That’s you? Hurray, more books to read!

    What a lovely surprise to come home to. Interesting to see a Japanese book which isn’t anime or manga (I’m being lazy and not looking up those terms to get the right one); I’ve seen photos of a couple of Josh Lanyon’s books from Japan with lovely illustrations.


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