Guess the Author Round 4

Holiday Anthology LBmedium

Josh has organised a cool game to celebrate the upcoming release of Comfort and Joy – four rounds of GUESS THE AUTHOR!

You may be here because you’ve already played the other three rounds, or you may have come here first – if so, you’ll find the other rounds at Josh Lanyon’s, LB Gregg’s and Harper Fox’s places.

This is by far the toughest round, lol! This time you are going to see if you can match the following objects to the correct anthology story. You’ve pretty much got nothing to go on here but guesswork and you’ve got to get all twelve objects correctly matched up.

The first four people to come up with the correct matches win their choice of ebook from any one of our backlists BARRING the new stories in this anthology. 😉


The Objects are:

1 – A violin

2 – Blown-glass tree ornaments

3 – A broken water heater

4 – Tiramisù

5 – NyQuil

6 – A garret

7 – A cop

8 – Thai red curry chicken

9 – Lederhosen

10 – A mouse

11 – A big heavy Volvo

12 – A soft, woolly scarf


Your possible choices are:

Baby, It’s Cold


Waiting for Winter

Rest and Be Thankful 


Answer in the comment section below. Best of luck!

You can only win once, but you can enter all four rounds – and in this round you can enter more than once because it’s pretty tough.

This is the final round in the grand slam of Choose the Author. You must be cold and exhausted by now, so head back over to Josh Lanyon’s place. Josh is heating up the Irish coffee even as you read…


17 thoughts on “Guess the Author Round 4

  1. We will probably not get answers on this one until the stories go live. Unless we have some fearless readers out there who don’t mind wild guessing and reckless fingerpointing. 😀


  2. After a lot of thinking I’ve managed to assign one to each story
    Baby It’s cold: 5 – Nyquil and 12 – A soft, woolly scarf (and maybe 3 – A broken water heater?)
    Waiting for Winter: 9 – Lederhosen
    Rest and be Thankful: 8 – Thai red curry chicken
    Out: 7 – A cop
    That’s it for know… I am still on it.


  3. OK. Here is my attempt!

    1. out
    2. waiting for winter
    3. rest and be thankful
    4. baby it’s cold
    5. baby it’s cold
    6. out
    7. out
    8. rest and be thankful
    9. waiting for winter
    10.waiting for winter
    11. rest and be thankful
    12. baby it’s cold



  4. Okay, after reading, here’s what I remember:

    Baby, It’s Cold: 4-tiramisu, 5-NyQuil, 12-scarf
    Out: 1-violin, 6-garret, 7-cop
    Waiting for Winter: 2-ornament, 10-mouse, 9-lederhosen
    Rest and Be Thankful: 3-water heater, 8-Thai curry, 11-volvo


  5. Here it goes:
    Rest and Be Thankful – 3, 8, 11
    Out – 1, 6, 7
    Waiting for Winter – 2, 9, 10
    Baby It’s Cold – 4, 5, 12


  6. 1-out
    2-waiting for winter
    3-rest and be thankful
    4-baby it’s cold outside
    5-baby it’s cold outside
    8-rest and be thankful
    9-baby it’s cold outside
    10-waiting for winter
    11-rest and be thankful
    12-baby it’s cold outside


  7. I’m not quite through all the stories yet, but here are my answers:-

    Baby, It’s Cold – 4, 5, 12
    Out – 1, 6, 7
    Waiting for Winter – 2, 9, 10
    Rest and Be Thankful – 3, 8, 11



  8. I love every story in this collection! Let me try this:
    Rest and be thankful: 3, 8, 11
    Out: 1, 6, 7
    Waiting for winter: 2, 9, 10
    Baby it’s cold: 4, 5, 12


  9. I will try it:
    1. Out / 2. Waiting for Winter / 3. Waiting for Winter / 4. Baby, it’s Cold / 5. Baby, it’s Cold / 6. Out / 7. Out / 8. Rest and Be Thankful / 9. Waiting for Winter / 10. Waiting for Winter / 11. Rest and Be Thankful / 12. Baby, it’s Cold


  10. We have winners! Step forward:

    Sara Ball

    Congrats – you win any backlist title from any of our backlists. Please email me to let me know your picks on authorjoannachambers [at] gmail [dot] com


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