Another new release…and an excerpt…

I have yet another new release coming out on Sunday, 7 December 2014! It’s called Rest And Be Thankful and it’s part of an anthology I’m doing with Josh Lanyon, LB Gregg and Harper Fox called Comfort and Joy. Here’s the lovely cover for my story (there’s one for each story plus one for the whole anthology).

imageAnyway, the main purpose of this post, is to post an excerpt, and give you preorder links. Please note, these links are only for my story – the anthology’s buy links won’t go live till release day.

Preorders: Amazon and Smashwords


For about a minute after Cam bolted from the room, Rob stared at the door, unsure what to make of the awkward moment that had just passed.

His comment had been mildly flirtatious, he supposed, but only mildly. It was the sort of thing he’d say to Val, or Kenny even. The resolutely straight innkeeper of The Stag seemed to regard it as practically compulsory to greet any potential double entendre with a camp “Oooh!” And a raised eyebrow. Surely Cam’s reaction had been excessive?

Had he thought Rob was coming on to him? Coming on too strong?

Maybe he was put off by the very idea? There was a bit of a yawning chasm between them after all, in terms of age. And attractiveness, if he was completely honest. Rob had to have ten years on Cam, and even ten years ago he could never have hoped to give Cam a run for his money on the body front. Once again the mental image of Cam McMorrow swaying and grinding on the dance floor of Gomorrah flashed in Rob’s mind.

It was an unproductive train of thought and Rob ruthlessly suppressed it, heading into the kitchen to take an inventory of his cupboards and decide what to cook.

He settled on Thai red curry, hoping that Cam liked spicy food, and got started. While he pounded the paste ingredients together, he could hear Cam moving around above him. Creaking floorboards and the rush of water filling the bath. Everyday, domestic sounds that he’d grown unused to, after living alone for so long.   The sounds conjured up unhelpful images of Cam’s big, glorious body, naked and wet and no matter how hard he tried, Rob couldn’t banish those images—with every creak and splash they would replay in his mind, over and over.

The truth was, he was intensely curious about what Cam looked like beneath his clothes. Some parts were obvious of course. His broad shoulders, long legs and lean waist were all perfectly evident without him needing to take his clothes off. It was the smaller, subtler details that Rob found himself wondering about: how hairy that superb chest was, whether his nipples were small or generous, whether his belly button was a divot or a nubbin. The precise tone of those hidden stretches of skin…

As he pondered these fascinating details, Rob gnawed at his lower lip, uncomfortable. These questions weren’t the sort of standard sexual thoughts that his mind processed a hundred times a day—those could be boxed neatly away without any difficulty. No, this was different. This deeply personal and helpless curiosity about Cam went deeper than just wanting to fuck.

He wanted to look.

He wanted to paint.

Upstairs, the bath gurgled as the water drained away—Cam must be getting out. That thought provoked another image, this time of Cam stepping out of the bath, water droplets lazily running down his pecs…

Rob swallowed.


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