7 things that are awesome about Psycop 7


I’m currently reading Spook Squad, aka Psycop 7 by Jordan Castillo Price. I’m loving it so much that I’m making myself read the odd short story in between chapters, to make it last longer. They are so many good things about it – here are some of things I am loving:

1. I adore Victor Bayne, from whose POV the stories are written, so very much. there are many reasons for this, but a big and overarching one is that while he thinks little of himself, there are lots of clues that other characters think he is beyond awesome.  Yet he never really catches on/ believes that.

2. The relationship between Vic and Jacob is wonderful to read. They are together and happy, but the relationship is still a living, breathing – and vulnerable thing. I don’t think I’ve read a relationship like this in romance before (note: I classify Psycop as romance, other readers may not). Generally relationships within serial novels are on/off or at least face imminent off-ness. That’s not the case with Vic and Jacob. They are solid – but there’s a lingering worry in my mind that other things may get in the way…

3. There’s a whole pile of other richly drawn characters: Lisa, Con, Crash, Carolyn etc.  Right now, I am loving the enigma of Con, who may be evil, or not, or something else altogether,

4. The ongoing development of understanding of just how strong Vic’s powers are has been a joy throughout the series and that continues here. I love that Vic has, even now, not yet reached a full understanding of what he can do or how he can best do it. This also works beautifully with his fear of giving away how strong a medium he is. I love the scenes where he knows people think he’s only detecting impressions or cold spots while we, as readers get to know that he’s seeing spirits in full technicolor and talking to them. So delicious. I particularly love the scenes where we get to see Vic witnessing dullard Richie’s low level powers at work, watching their weak effect, invisible to everyone else.

5. Jacob. *whimper*.  He is Vic’s anchor to earth, solid and dependable and rooted to everything that is tangible and real and non-spectral. And he has supermodel cheekbones.

6. The whole series is just teeming with cool and exciting ideas that are rich and satisfying to read about: Lisa’s Si-no, the terrifying Ghost TV, the sinister ongoing mentions of psyactive drugs and other forms of ‘augmentation’ to make Psys’ powers work better. And all of this hints at more satisfying stories still to come. Hurrah!

7. I am a sucker for a vulnerable hero and, despite Jacob’s love and care, Vic remains troubled and somewhat fragile (though with a core of strength that emerges at the most psychically dangerous moments). Partly this comes from Vic having to live with his disturbing powers, partly from his unhappy history.  He’s come a long way since book 1- and I’m looking forward to seeing him go even further. To become stronger and more confident. With Jacob beside him, I hope.

2 thoughts on “7 things that are awesome about Psycop 7

  1. Love, love, love the Psycop series. I don’t know if you’re familiar with TJ Klune. He writes wickedly funny dialogue and has outrageous characters in his books.
    Love your shout out for “Glitterland.” What a wonderful read that was. A recc LJ group that I belong to has been pretty quiet this winter, but I definitely have to put your “Enlightened” series on there.



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