Provoked is out!


I am still on holiday in Spain but Provoked releases today!  (Check it out here or at any of the other places-to-buy on the Buy Links page of this site).

This is my first series and it has a romance arc that stretches over three books (be warned…)  The trilogy is set in 1820s urban Scotland and is the story of David Lauriston, a lawyer from a humble background and Murdo Balfour, an anglified Scottish peer.

This first instalment – when David and Murdo meet – takes place in 1820 against the backdrop of a recent radical uprising whose instigators David defended in court.  Book 2, Beguiled (which releases in December) takes place two years later during King George’s visit to Edinburgh and book 3, Enlightened (May 2014) concludes their story.

In celebration of this momentous (for me) occasion, I am giving away a copy of Provoked and an Amazon voucher for $25 to a lucky winner!  Just leave a comment to be entered.

The winner will be announced on my return on 28th July.

Best of luck.

18 thoughts on “Provoked is out!

  1. I have been waiting for this! I like your previous books, and I also like m/m, so this is right up my street. The only question is whether to read it right away, or to wait until all three of the books are out. This is my perennial problem with serials; I usually end up reading the first book straight away, and then re-reading all the previous books each time a new one comes out.

    Hope you had a good holiday!


    1. Hi Hj – lovely to hear from you – My one nervousness about this book was the serial aspect given the way readers feel about endings in romance but I just had to write it the way I did. I see it very much as a story in three parts with three distinct endings for each part albeit one overall romance story arc. Hopefully there is, however, a sense of resolution at the end of book 1- that’s what I aimed for anyway.


  2. I stayed up until 1 AM to finish Provoked; just couldn’t stop reading. I enjoy the characters even though it was very bittersweet. So I have to wait until May 2014 to see if David and Murdo get their HEA? At least, it’s not too long until the second book–a Christmas present to myself.


  3. I just finished Provoked and adored it. It was fabulously well-written, and the characters real and engaging. I sort of wanted to smack both David and Murdo. But even with wanting to kick them both in the shins, I’m really looking forward to Beguiled.


  4. I’ve already read the first book. I loved it! The bad news is now I have to wait til December for the 2nd book. Arrrgh.


  5. Joanna,
    Your book was excellent. I can hardly wait for December for book 2. Please tell me the romance continues and they have more time together in book 2. I also left a review on Amazon. JC


  6. Hi Jess, thanks so much for your comment and for leaving a review – I really appreciate it and am so glad you liked this story! Book 2 is in the bag and I got the cover through the other day so I will be sharing that later today – just a few months to wait now! – and yes, there will be lots of David and Murdo!


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