Early reviews for Provoked

I got two lovely reviews from Dear Author and Jessewave today – three actually since the Dear Author one is from Willaful and Sirius. I’m so happy!

Some particularly nice comments:

There are times of great tension and excitement, but Provoked mostly moves at a gentle pace, suiting its gently heroic subject; still, I was never less than thoroughly absorbed in it.



I thought the writing in this book was gorgeous – when I want to stop, reread, taste every word or almost every word.



I have to say that the sense of place was pitched just right. I used to live in Edinburgh—in fact for a time I lived on the same street where David lives (Blair Street)—so it was a delight to re-tread the wynds and closes of Old Town and the wide avenues of New Town in my imagination as I read this book. Anyone interested in this period will find something to enjoy in Provoked. I thoroughly recommend it and am very much looking forwards to Book 2.

Leslie, Reviews at Jessewave


One thought on “Early reviews for Provoked

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