What I’m excited about right now

So, I haven’t blogged in forever, but actually lots of good stuff is happening!

My next novel, Provoked, is out in a few weeks (23rd July 2013 from Samhain).  You’ll find the blurb and link to an excerpt on the Books page.

I’m excited.  It’s my first M/M and my first serial; this is book 1 in a trilogy. I can also confirm that book 2 (Beguiled) will be out on 23rd December and book 3 (Enlightenment) on 6th May 2014.  So all three books will be out within ten months.

And oh, I love writing these characters, David Lauriston and Murdo Balfour.  I think I’ll be quite sad when I finish book 3.

The story is written from the sole POV of David i.e. a limited third person POV.  This was a departure for me.  With my previous novels, I’d grown used to writing in what is the established norm of M/F historical romance, namely revolving third person POV.  I’m not sure why it’s so prevalent but it’s really ubiquitous in M/F romance.  One of the things I found a little bit discombobulating when I started reading M/M romance was the sudden apparent freedom to write in all sorts of ways – first person POVs, limited third person, revolving third and first – anything goes!  I soon went from being discombobulated to being intoxicated.

And ok, so a move from revolving third to limited third isn’t the HUGEST change in the world but it’s more challenging than you might think.  The thing about revolving POV, you see, is that you get the chance to show both characters’ development through their own internal narratives, but with limited POV, you have to show both through one character and that character is hampered by his own views and flaws and issues.  When I first started, it felt like it was it was all challenge and no opportunity, but as I got further into writing from David’s sole POV, I began to see that limited POV is freeing too.  You get to hint. You get to (in fact you have to) show things through dialogue and action.  You learn to respect gaps. The unsaid.

Maybe I’ll tackle first person POV next.

In other news, I’m currently loving wasabi peas. Crunching away on some right now.


One thought on “What I’m excited about right now

  1. I love this, and I think it IS freeing to do one POV. And in many ways, it can be sexier because you retain the mystery of the other. And, YAY for this serial!!


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