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I thought I’d do a post on what’s happening with me on the writing front.

I completed my second novel months ago, but it’s only very recently been accepted by–I’m delighted to say–Samhain so it won’t be published till January 2013.

I’m so pleased to be publishing this novel, which I’ve been working on, on and off, for several years.  I won’t say much about it here except to say, it’s another case of me giving myself a mountain to climb!  I knew, when I wrote The Lady’s Secret, that I was asking for trouble in writing a heroine pretending to be a man.  It seemed to me, in the months leading up to its publication, that I kept reading reviews of books with cross-dressing heroines with credibility issues!  Well, with this new novel I’ve done it again–this time I’m dealing with another well-known romance genre element with built-in credibility issues – the heroine whose husband doesn’t recognise her… 

I’ve not been idle since finishing that novel.  In fact, my writing productivity has gone up a lot since I cut back severely on my online time. 

My main project at the moment is a M/M historical sent in my home city in 1820.  I’m very excited about it.  I originally conceived it as M/F book but I could never get it to work as M/F in the sense of covering the ground I wanted to cover.  I struggled to place a female character in the places I wanted her to be in a way that was sufficiently credible. Since I had my Eureka moment and made it an M/M, all has been going well…

I also have a M/F paranormal book (contemp setting) which is currently sitting at 25k and which I think has real mileage in it.  I’ll go back to it at some point but that’s been lying waiting for my attention for a few months now.

In addition to these novel-length WIPs, I have a few shorter WIPs in the works with plans to try and produce a a couple of novella/short story length works each year–possibly not all under the same name.  One of these drafts is a novella devoted to two characters from The Lady’s Secret.  One is Lily. 

Can you guess the other?

Given all of the above, while it may be a bit uneventful for me in 2012 in terms of another book actually coming out, but I’ve got lots on and feeling very motivated!


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